Taking Care Of The Indoor Plants

Home plants are meant for making your home beautiful as well as giving it a natural look. The plants should be nurtured with care and love. It is always advisable to understand and see the environment and the home set-up before bringing your home plants. Your home or office environment should match all the plant’s requirements. In general, all plant will need sunlight, water, and food in different amounts for them to survive.


Your plants should be watered regularly. Every plant needs water for it to grow. You should avoid too little or too much water. Water should be provided consistently. This is done to ensure that the plant’s roots are moist. Watering should be done accordingly depending on how dry the coco peat is. You should also water your plants whenever the coco peat looks dry or turns light brown. Again you should ensure that the coco peat is not clogged at the bottom. You can put your finger in your coco peat to check if it is moist or dry from inside.


Light is one 0f the most important things in plants. There are some plants which require proper lighting while some plants can easily live without dim light or natural light. For instance, bamboo plants can survive with moderate light levels. Most of the foliage plants can survive with no or little sunlight. You should place your plants in a suitable place depending on the light requirements.

Prevent dirt

Any dirt clogging on your plants can make it difficult for them to respire. The plant’s leaves should be washed several times to remove this dirt. Dirt can be controlled easily by the use of a water spray. Alternatively, you can supply water on the plant’s leaves.

Prune the yellow leaves

Plant’s leaves can turn yellow over time due to several reasons. Drying of the leaves is one of the major causes of yellowing in leaves. Yellow leaves can wilt with time making your plant to become dry. Diseases arising from fungal activities can also make the leaves to turn yellowish. Pruning of such leaves is done to ensure that the other leaves do not get infected. Foliage plants are pruned using a simple pair of scissors or a pruning shears.


Food is one of the vital components in plants. It plays a vital role in nurturing the plants. Your plants should be supplied with the right amount of NPK fertilizer or organic manure after every four to six months. NPK is mixed with water and then supplied at the base of the plants.